Sunday, June 17, 2007

Randy Newman

Games 64 through 67 - Red Sox

Rockies 12, Red Sox 2
Rockies 7, Red Sox 1
Red Sox 10, Giants 3
Red Sox 1, Giants 0
Record: 43-24

In the last two weeks, the Sox' run tallies are as follow:

5 (L)
4 (L)
0 (L)
2 (L)
1 (W)
10 (W)
4 (W)
1 (L)
2 (W)
2 (L)
1 (L)
10 (W)
1 (W)

They've scored 43 runs in 13 games, going 6-7 despite averaging only 3.3 runs a game. Eliminate the pair of 10-run outbursts and they scored 2.1 per game. The pitching, as it has all season long, continues to carry the inconsistent, erratic offense.

One of the exceptions over the recent span was Friday's bludgeoning of Barry Zito and the Giants, and even in the midst of that apparent offensive feast did we find more inconsistency. New leadoff duo J.D. Drew and Dustin Pedroia combined to go 8-for-9 with 8 RBI and 5 runs. The other 7 batters were 1 for 24.

That game was the first I've seen in quite some time, with business travel keeping me away from what certainly looked like several exasperating efforts. It's no secret in these parts that diminutive Sox second basemen have a special place in my heart, so the fact that my return to all things Red Sox coincided with Pedroia's 5-hit, 5 RBI outing was particularly enjoyable. Short people, indeed.

This week's Sports Illustrated reveals that MLB players rate Wily Mo Pena and Drew 1 and 2 on the list of players who get the least out of the most talent. Pena, I get - he's clearly got massive power and skill at the plate but seems incapable of the most basic adjustments. Drew, though, carries a career .892 OPS, is a superior defender, and despite scuffling thus far in 2007, has demonstrated an ability to be a top-flight major league outfielder. Yet players and fans seem to share an irrational dislike for him.

Y'know what? I'm starting a crusade to change that. A likely ineffective crusade, doomed to premature oblivion as a result of my short attention span and lack of follow through, but a crusade nonetheless. J.D.'s my guy, and with MLC's support, he's gonna be the spark the Sox' offense needs. All you doubters mark this date and remember to genuflect appropriately when I come around to bask in the "I told you so" at the end of the season.

My saintly wife will be taking the kids out of the house for the afternoon, leaving me to celebrate Father's Day by flipping between the Sox/Giants game and the final round of the U.S. Open. And reloading my iPod, which inexplicably decided to delete all of its 7,000 songs while I was traveling this week.

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Timothy said...

I'll say one thing for Drew, at least he is not Shawn Green.