Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Game 62 - Red Sox

D-backs 5, Red Sox 1
Record: 41-21

Guess I'd better get this out of the way in preparation for the Sox/Rox series that starts today. And don't think that you won't see some form of that bastardization of the Colorado franchise's name in the public ad nauseum over the next few days.

I didn't blog yesterday because I don't have a great deal to say about the game that doesn't retrace the already deeply rutted trails of the 2007 MLC season. Lugo and Crisp batting first and second with a combined OBP of .276 is damn near criminal, and their 2-for-10 performance in front of Youks and Manny contributed significantly to the Sox' lack of offense. Dustin Pedroia and his .399 OBP scream "hello".

Mike Timlin's return from the DL was the one bit of new and different, not to mention extremely unsettling and grumpy-making. Timlin deftly combined hittable pitches with spastic defense and occasional wildness to turn the D-backs' 2-1 lead into a comfortable 5-1 margin heading to the final frame. Even though the Sox eventually got the tying run into the on-deck circle, they really didn't have a chance after Timlin's "performance". I've got my eye on you, old-timer.

Finally, from the mildly annoying file (today, with a 9 1/2 game lead - should that change, the annoyance grows to full-fledged tantrum), the Sox face the following NL teams during interleague play: Atlanta (6 games), Arizona, Colorado, San Francisco, and San Diego (on the road). The Yankees face the Mets (6), Arizona, Colorado, San Francisco and...Pittsburgh (at home). Notice any difference?

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Justin Verlander is filthy.