Sunday, June 10, 2007

Counting Crows

On June 4, Matt Damon appeared on Letterman's Late Show in a Sox jersey and made a national-TV mockery of the then-hapless New York Yankees while grinning away at his own team's successes. I enjoyed it wholeheartedly . . . right up until the point where he dragged the Mets into the conversation. Damon mentioned the Mets being so good, an additional craw-sticker for Yankee fans. At least as wary of self-inflicted, prideful hexes as Rob is, I hadn't felt so blind-sided by late-night talk show chatter since Dave Grohl unprovokedly and inexplicably bashed Bruce Springsteen on the Daily Show during the Kilborn era (for which he received a personal boycott that lasted four years).

The suddenly foundering Mets didn't need more reverse momentum in their way. Since the interview:

Red Sox: 3-4
Yankees: 6-1
Mets: 1-5

Braggadocio is a boomerang, people; we've pointed out examples and occasionally illustrated it ourselves for years here. I still like Matt Damon, maybe just a tiny bit less since he did his part to convince karma to step in and help detour what was a very nice little season thus far. Of course, if the trend continues, he's got bigger problems than a solitary Met fan deep in the blogosphere.

(Not that the Mets should think they can blame a Hollywood actor for their stumblings of late. After dropping three series in a row, it's time to regroup.)


Editor's Note: As you well know, I'm usually in the foxhole with you on this one, ducking and praying, but let's look at the details. The Sox' stumbles came after a brutally scheduled cross-country road trip. The Yankees got to play 6 at home against the mediocre White Sox and the AAA Pirates. The Mets faced tough Philly and Detroit squads. I'm not pleased by last week's turn of events, but I can explain them.

Now back to your regularly scheduled panic.


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