Thursday, June 14, 2007


Game 64 - Mets

Dodgers 9, Mets 1
Record: 36-28

". . . I think a lot of us in the Township would quickly start to get past this atrocious, league-worst start to the month if we saw some real fire."

Not getting past it after last night's pants-soiling. Another Met starter wrecking his ERA, a dose of sloppy D, and oh, yeah, still not hitting worth a damn. Perhaps cutting ties with Louisville Slugger and signing on with Nerf at the beginning of this month was a bad idea. The "Used" Carloses resumed their stint of suck once again, with Beltran & Delgado taking a nifty 0-for-8 to defuse any meat-of-the-order rallies.

Saw this on a billboard in Mets Township the other day:

One day Carlos Delgado, by some strange circumstance, suddenly finds himself inside a large bag made of plain brown paper. His captor allows him one means of escaping these confines; he hands him a wooden baseball bat.

"Oh, crap," mumbles Delgado.

"Going through the motions" would be a particularly apt way of describing how the Mets spent three hours last night. Obvious losses of concentration manifested themselves in horrible pitch selection, multiple glove gaffes by Jose Reyes, Billy Wagner effortlessly allowing a home run to a left-handed batter (and a mediocre one, at that), and a general caliber of play we'd call soft. Granted, that assessment isn't fair to Jose Valentin (who's somewhat fresh, from his time off) or David Wright (who's our Golden Boy), but this team is under the weather.

I called for a little fire last night, a little ire to assuage the fans' increasing angst. It was probably poor timing for such a request. Southern California, where all of the drama is scripted and the passion is faked, is hardly the setting for real emotion. The irony of the city of Angels, a place utterly void of soul, is thick. Any incidents would undoubtedly have been pure theatrics. Even when Brad Penny seemed to try to start something with Shawn Green, Green gave him a look rife with Piazza's old "Just play baseball" scolding. It wasn't to be.

Oh, but fast-forward to Friday night, when the Mets visit the now World-Series-destined New York Yankees Baseball Club, and it's a different story. In New York City, the sentiments are sincere, and emotions are sewn onto sleeves. Especially when it comes to all things Yankees, the truest example of the love-'em-or-hate-'em cliché I know. With the Metcart careening towards second, maybe third place and the Bombers furrowing brows all the way up to Nova Scotia, there's every chance that the Mets could get torched three times this weekend in hideous fashion, and that will just shorten the fuse.

All we'll need is a spark, a Clemens HBP, an A-Rod schoolyard play, anything at all . . . and it could light up the New York skyline. We've seen what scuffles can do to galvanize squads before. It's a dangerous proposition, there's no guarantee such a brouhaha will help (it may even divide), and it caters to our most base instincts in an embarrassing fashion. Sure would be fun, though, and it might demonstrate some emotional investment on the Mets' part that these cool characters have been loath to reveal.

We fans are still waiting to be shown that we aren't the only ones regularly putting our frail psyches and eroding internal organs on the line. Wagner quipped after the loss last night, "I'm sure Omar didn't put this team together expecting this type of play, and Fred Wilpon didn't shell out this type of money for us to go out there and play like this." Hey, Billy, don't forget about the consumers in this economic dynamic; we aren't paying for tickets, concessions, satellite feeds, internet access, bloggers guild dues, ulcer treatments, hair replacement products, hand and foot casts, and psychiatry bills for you to go out there and play like this, either.

Dammit, dudes. Show us something.


Mets Grrl said...

How about this?

I didn't do it, but I think it speaks volumes.

I also mentioned the following two thoughts elsewhere:
1) The concept of the "game face"
2) cultural differences.

[ Can i just say how much I hate having to log in to comment here? I would probably comment every day if I didn't have to log into my google account, because it logs me out of my main account and into metsgrrl. ]

Timothy said...

This team needs to do a few things.

First, they need to get rid of George Foster. The guy's attitude sucks and is killing us. Second, I think some team building, maybe by going out to some texas bar and blowing off some steam, would help. Finally, somebody needs to kick Eric Davis' ass.

By the way, I have no doubt that the Metsies are going to drop all three this weekend. (Come on reverse mojo, don't fail me now)

TJ said...

Hey Rob, has it occurred to you Matt Damon might've screwed your entire season up?

Whitney said...

Wow, that says it all. I occasionally revert to the "just happy the Mets are in the conversation" outlook, figuring that things could be a lot worse. Then I get annoyed again.

Sorry about the Googer/Bloggle evil empire. We've toyed with branching off on our own with a tailored URL and independence from Blogger, but we're way too complacent.

Whitney said...

Timmy, nice use of Keith's "Metsies," and if you can figure out which guy is this year's George Foster, let's start the campaign.

Timothy said...

Green is the likely choice for me. Past his prime outfielder with subpar devensive skills. Check. Power numbers are long since gone. Check. Does not really seem to give a crap. Maybe. Grossly overpaid. Check. Automatic out with two outs. Check. If they could get decent middle reliever for him and part of his salary, I would take it right now.

Let Lastings play when he gets healthy. He may be a bit of a goofball and a showboat, but at least he shows some emotion.

Whitney said...

The key to cutting Foster (a move idiotically criticized by Doc Gooden years later) was replacing him with old fave Lee Mazzilli. Maz fit into some of those same categories, but he was a clubhouse kind of guy who'd begun his career with the Mets. A good fit to bring him back, and it worked.

Jay Payton kind of fits that mold, except that he's closer to clubhouse cancer than clubhouse answer.

Edgardo Alfonzo is the perfect candidate, so perfect that the Mets re-signed him last July in much the Mazzilli way . . . but I guess part of the equation has to be the ability to hit and field your position, and Fonzie has faded too far. He's now with the Long Island Ducks of the Atlantic League of Professional baseball. I wish that were a joke.

rob said...

who is this matt damon of which you speak?

and i believe i detect a hint of premature cockiness in your tone, teej.

Timothy said...

Maz only got time in 39 games that year, with Kevin Michell and WS DH Danny Heep getting most of the playing time. As such, the replacement only needs to be a clubhouse sparkplug.

Lastings could play the Mitchell role easily, and I would vote for Benny Agbayani as the aging fan fav. It should be noted that 100% of Met world series teams since Watergate have had a fat hawaiian on the team. This is a trend I don't think Omar should ignore.

TJ said...

Premature cockiness? Is this the Byron Houston thread?

Timothy said...

Mets and Sox are still screwed. Yanks win the next two and cut the lead to 6.5. No doubt about it.

Timothy said...

Mets and Sox are still screwed. Yanks win the next two and cut the lead to 6.5. No doubt about it.