Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Dream Syndicate

Game 56 - Red Sox

A's 5, Red Sox 4 (11)
Record: 37-19

I must admit that I'm getting a bit tired of "good losses", even as last night was yet another in the recent string of valiant but ultimately unsuccessful efforts. The Sox scored 2 in the 9th (with a 2-out Wily Mo Pena single as the big blow!) to tie the A's, but fell in the 11th on an Eric Chavez homer. Losing 4 of 5, regardless of how the losses happened, starts to grate on a soul.

Fortunately, I was asleep for nearly all of it, the Sox still lead the Jays by 10 games, and I quite suspect that they're more ticked than I am about the recent skid. Daisuke goes against old pal Lenny DiNardo this evening in Oakland, and I'll be finding out about the result via CBS Sportsline tomorrow morning.

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