Friday, June 01, 2007

The Hold Steady

Game 52 - Mets

Mets 4, Giants 2
Record: 34-18

Not a lot of time to wax philosophical or get silly with last night's victory. The Mets keep taking series from teams that don't call Georgia home, and to keep that trend in motion they'll need to cool a surging Arizona Diamondbacks team this weekend. And they'll have to do it without my direct support, as I am beachward within the hour. Press on, lads.

After the first inning the Mets were sporting exactly none of the starting outfielders on Opening Day. With Shawn Green and Moises Alou DL'ed and Carlos Beltran suffering a knee bruise in a first base collision with Rich Aurilia, it could get dicey out there . . . or more likely at the plate. No worries, Omar's understudies just keep holding steady until the stars re-align themselves in the outfield.

Endy Chavez y Chavez . . . what the hell can I write about him that would do him an iota of justice? He dropped down another textbook one last night to plate the fourth run. With two outs, of course. No fear there. Jose Reyes is the acknowledged catalyst, the exciting firecracker of a leadoff leader. Endy's content to remain in those shadows, stunning the opposition with thrilling plays on a remarkably routine basis. Still searching for the #10 CHAVEZ shirt.

El Duque dazzled (after the first), Joe Smith impressed, and Billy Wagner smoked (in the good way). As Rob alluded to and we continue to illustrate, neither of us are all that comfortable (or used to) with having our beloved teams in the fabled catbird seat on June 1. But these two clubs are clearly the cream of the MLB crop so far this year, and to deny it would be farcical. For now, we're gonna sit back right easy and laugh until later, when Scooter and the Big Man may well split the misery in half.

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