Sunday, June 03, 2007

Big Punisher

I'll blog the entire Sox/Yanks series tomorrow when I have a little more time, but let me note for the record that Mike Lowell is a baaaaaaaad man. Undersung by most Sox fans, present company included, Lowell's been one of the two most important offensive cogs for the Sox over the season's first third. His performance yesterday in a game that looked for all the world like a big adrenaline boost for the Yankees chances may well turn out to be the 2007 version of Jason Varitek's frogmarch of A-Rod in July 2004. His quote afterwards in response to questions about the legitimacy of his hard hit on Robinson Cano spoke volumes about his understated leadership ability, as he said this:
"My take is it's kind of ironic, because that's what they taught us in the minor leagues, and I was with the Yankees in the minor leagues," said Lowell. "We had two rules: You can never peel off, you had to slide no matter if you had to slide halfway; and if the second baseman tried to tag you, you did everything in your power to not let him get rid of the ball. I'm not throwing an elbow or anything, but I'm trying to make him not be able to throw the ball."
A subtle tweak to those inclined to equate Lowell's actions with A-Rod's elbow of Dustin Pedroia, and a measured but firm belief in the right way to play the game. Perhaps we should be singing his praises more often - but that doesn't seem to be his way.

Oh, and there were definitely giggles emanating from my living room when I heard the news of Roger Clemens' groin fatigue. Karma's a motherfucker.


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