Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Yeah, What He Said

Just a few thoughts in response to my colleague's well-aimed harangue about the major media outlets' quality control processes. The recent and growing backlash against the Red Sox stinks and it sucks and it stinks. Stinks like the Fenway Park press box after a mid-July doubleheader where baked beans, sauerkraut and sausage were served as part of a theme.

The media that built the Curse of the Bambino into a cottage industry - one they used as a built-in excuse to mail in tens of thousands of column inches over the past 30 years - is pissed that they can't take the easy way out anymore, enraged that they're forced to generate some original thoughts, and so they take it out on Red Sox Nation. The institutional laziness that's built up around covering the Red Sox now manifests itself in hackery like that linked below, faux-clever attempts to milk the last possible Curse angle. It's sad, and it's lazy, and it makes me appreciate guys like Tom Boswell and Bob Ryan all the more.

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