Friday, April 15, 2005

. . . And I Didn't Even See It Coming!

Game 10 - Mets

Mets 4, Marlins 0
Record: 5-5

I've been to Amsterdam, New Amsterdam, and Framingham, Iceland twice, Hong Kong and Hungary, two Mardi Gras, a Preakness, and seen goats drink beer in the marketplace, but I ain't never seen no shit like this.

Other than the bastardization of a rustic colloquialism, I've got little to say about tonight's win. I'm too stunned. To all the people who saw Aaron Heilman's one-hit shutout against the Marlins coming, I simply say, "Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Heilman. You must be proud." Honestly, six hours ago every look at this match-up was a wince. Somehow, someway, Heilman came out and blew the Marlins away, just one annoying Luis Castillo infield single away from the first Mets' no-no ever. Uh . . . wow.

One nice side note was Met-snubber Carlos Delgado botching one grounder twice, first in his effort to field it and then in flinging the ball into short right field. The play quickly resulted in two runs, thanks to a Mike Piazza double. (Please let that be the beginning of Lazarus-like slap in all of our dubious mugs.) That Plan B Dougie Mientkiewicz not only has shined with the glove thus far this season but also drove in run #1 while Delgado took the oh-fer is pure gravy.

A sage philosopher once said, "Sometimes intangibles make the statistics and their proponents look silly." It was more than number-crunching that cast doubt on the Mets' chances tonight, but it all went right out the window. It's almost unfortunate that all signs point to tomorrow's game as should-win, because not much has gone down according to any logic of late. Still, right now you can't say enough about the confidence with which the lads are playing, and after five wins in a row, the Mets are making more than the statheads look silly.

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