Monday, April 18, 2005

Thanks, We'll Take It

Game 13 - Red Sox

Red Sox 12, Blue Jays 7
Record: 8-5

The Sox outlasted the Jays this afternoon, winning the annual Patriots Day game in somewhat ugly fashion, giving up 17 hits, committing 2 errors, and trying hard to squander a 9-1 lead.

In truth, the Jays never had a chance in this one. Toronto had to travel from Texas yesterday after their game against the Rangers, and then get to Fenway at an ungodly time this morning to prepare for an 11:05 am start. Bud Selig just keeps giving and giving to John Henry and his merry band. Thanks, again, Bud. Can you do something about the audio on Nationals' telecasts?

Heckuva tradition, Patriots Day. Where else can you tie one on before lunch in a socially acceptable manner, then wander out into a crush of sweaty, also-drunken humanity just in time to watch the Boston Marathon come through Kenmore Square?

Curt Schilling struck out 10 today, which is the good news. He also needed 118 pitches to do so, and only lasted 5 innings. The bats certainly picked him up, notably Messrs. Ramirez (2 more homers), Nixon, and Damon.

In the spirit of Schilling's abbreviated outing, I'm done with this entry. Didn't see the game, barely had a chance to follow it online, and have nothing even remotely interesting to say about it. All you Metbloggers that seem to be flooding this site should be happy - less Sox stuff for you to have to wade through to get to Whitney's comedic gold.

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