Saturday, April 02, 2005

Tap, Tap...Is This Thing On?

Before Whitney gets offended and cranks out 10,000 words on the overrated nature of watching a game at Fenway, or how he really, really hates when people use "wicked" as a modifier, it's time to call his attention to something about which he actually cares.

I'm talking about beer, people. Really good beer, like Genessee, or some other New York-bred ale. I thoroughly enjoyed the case of Harpoons that my good friend deposited in my fridge after the Sox 98-win season (exactly the number predicted by yours truly) clinched victory for me in our annual bet. As I recall, Whit had predicted 75 wins for his Mets, and for a goodly part of the season, his victory seemed assured. Then, as surely as the salmon flock to Capistrano, the Sox roared through the last 6 weeks of the season while the Mets went as ineffectual as an ethics advisor at a Tom Delay meeting. (Man, I went a long way to get that shot in. And it's not even that good.)

Pay attention now, as the next sentence is as close as you'll get to a season preview from this side of the MLC table. I'm picking the Sox for another 98-win season in '05. They have the talent to win more, especially if Wade Miller is healthy, but the uncertainty surrounding Miller and Curt Schilling is enough to keep me balanced in my assessment.

So all that's left is for my colleague to think hard and post his predicted Mets win total. He tried last week to convince me that 75 was the right number. After I stopped laughing, I told him to try again. With Beltran, Pedro, a full season of David Wright, and a solid rotation from top to bottom, I see his orange and blue-clad heroes taking 85 games - even in an improved division. Talk to me, Goose.

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