Monday, April 11, 2005

One-Inning Wonders

Game 6 - Red Sox

Blue Jays 4, Red Sox 3
Record: 2-4

From the Silver Lining Department: the Sox have yet to allow an opposing closer to record a save against them in 3 chances, and they've come from behind to tie or take the lead in 4 of the 6 games they've played thus far.

From the That Silver Lining is In the Middle of a Grungy Cloud Department: they've only managed to win the game after 1 of those 4 comebacks after Mike Timlin gave up a game-winning double to Orlando Hudson yesterday.

It would be tempting to argue that the Sox are in the midst of a post-Series hangover, but that doesn't really fit the fact pattern in this case. They've played with a fairly high level of urgency (though not great success) in all 6 games, and they've shown the same never-quit attitude that was so successful last season. Frankly, I'm calling the first week of the season a period of inordinate bad luck, and moving on.

And if it is a hangover, no better place to prove it than this afternoon's emotional home opener, where the 2004 World Champs receive the jewelry that commemorates their achievement. In fact, the ring ceremony is taking place right about now in friendly Fenway. Wakefield against Mussina follows at 3:00, and we'll see if the hair of the dog is an apt expression, or just a description of Bronson Arroyo's bizarre Flobie accident.

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