Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Things That Make Me Shake My Head

1. Consistently shaky bullpens.

2. Grand Marnier shots.

3. Reading this and this, likely to garner 100,000+ viewings apiece, on ESPN.com on April 12 after writing this on April 1, which was read by roughly 37 people. I'm definitely not saying I came up with some brilliantly original idea here, or that I put it that much better, but it just seems like those two writers didn't even try that hard here. It always humors me when I see my fellow bloggers show greater insight and cleverness than their high-profile counterparts, but when I just feel like I put more into a post on MLC than a guy writing for a headliner link on the world's largest sports website, it's as if I just gulped down a shot of GM with Manny Aybar.

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