Thursday, June 19, 2003

Game 70 - Red Sox

White Sox 3, Red Sox 1
Record: 40-30

I'm soooo very perplexed about this team. All indicators, um, indicate that they should be an elite team. They lead the AL in batting average, and have arguably the league's best offensive depth. The pitching staff, while struggling, has talent and has shown signs of moving in the right direction. Why, then, do they continue to scuffle against mediocre opponents? They're faced with a must-win game today against the ChiSox to salvage a series split. They are a pedestrian 27-25 in their last 52 games - nearly a full third of a season. Really good teams don't play that poorly for that long.

11 games to go until the mid-way point in the season. If the Sox aren't around 47-34 after 81 games, then I will seriously reevaluate my expectations. This win one, lose one, win two, lose two, win two, lose one pattern is driving me freaking nuts. Is an 8-game winning streak too much to ask, for Tedsakes?

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