Monday, June 30, 2003

During All This Met-Bashing, We've Neglected to Mention That the Tigers are Really, Really Awful

We killed the Tiger Watch after the Felines ripped off a halfway-decent stretch, but, man, they're really, really horrible. Two games shy of the halfway mark, Detroit sports an 18-61 record, a zippy .227 winning percentage - amazingly, that's .002 higher than their .225 batting average.

.227 translates to a 36-126 record over 162 games - truly '62 Metsian. The Tabbies have scored a league-low 247 runs (3.12 runs/game), rapped a dismal 89 doubles (last in the majors by 47), and managed a paltry .630 OPS (.288 OBP/.342 SLG). Put more colorfully, the Tigers are what you would get if you had a team of 9 David Ecksteins (.636 OPS), minus the scrappy, manic energy. Brad Penny, the Marlins hurler, has a .625 OPS. Dismal, just dismal. How it must pain Alan Trammell and Kirk Gibson to be associated with this dreck.

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