Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Game 62 - Red Sox

St. Louis Cardinals 9, Red Sox 7
Record: 35-27

Same old, same old. Great hitting, mediocre pitching, bad defense equals a loss. The Sox are 34-13 - 34 and freaking 13 - when they hold their opponents below 8 runs. 8 RUNS!!! All they need to do is hold their opponents to less than 8 runs, and they win 70% of the time! Sadly, they've failed to do that 15 times this year, and gone 1-14 in those games. Unreal.

Pedro goes tonight in his first rehab start since his injury. Of course, he's doing the rehab in the big leagues, and the entire world - including, um, the Cardinals - knows that he's on a 50-pitch limit. If any St. Louis batter swings at anything in the first inning, I'll be shocked.

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