Saturday, June 07, 2003

Game 59 - Mets

Mets 3, Mariners 2
Record: 27-32

Steve Trachsel stinks, Tom Glavine stinks, Jae Seo . . . pitches a dandy? Can't beat the last-place Brewers, can beat the best-in-AL Mariners? This game is so stupid. I felt sure the shoddy defensive exhibition McEwing and Alomar put on in the 4th would come back to haunt them, but Jason Phillips and Cliff Floyd subsequently hit solo shots to give the Mets just enough runs to squeak this one out. Benitz pitched the ninth, giving up the obligatory two-out hit but closing the door. You know, watching him pitch this well and watching the rest of the league's closer suffer a series of meltdowns, it makes me think twice about trading him aw--------------- ah ah ah, no siree! You almost had me there, Armando, I swore I wouldn't get suckered in and yet there I go. Wow, I was really close that time. But I've sat through one too many Level 5 meltdowns when it really, really mattered. You see, with the fascist Braves running away with the NL East and the Mets 7.5 games out of the stinkin' wild card spot already, there are no high-pressure, must-win, true edge-of-your-seat situations for them these days. This is the briar patch for Armando Benitez. He needs to work for the Federal Government. Trade him to a contender now and let them lose hair when he wets himself in the big game.

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