Friday, June 20, 2003

From the "If There's Any Justice in the World" File

Yesterday's Yankees/Devil Rays 1:05 game in the Bronx was rained out, even though: a) it hadn't rained heavily, b) the forecast called for clearing skies and no rain for the remainder of the day, and c) Yankee Stadium has a state-of-the-art drainage system. Why might this be, you ask. Wouldn't the Yankees want to play the doormat D-Rays and chalk up an easy win?

As it turns out, it's more important to Big Stein and his minions to beat the cross-town Mets. Cancelling yesterday's game (it's the home team's call until the game starts, when it becomes the umpires' call) means that scuffling starter Jeff Weaver doesn't have to face the Mets in this weekend's series. It means that the Yankees have a better chance of beating Whitney's team. It means that the Yankees are willing to schedule a doubleheader in the middle of a 16-day stretch with no off days, simply to have a better chance of beating the Mets. Outraged yet, Whitney?

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