Thursday, June 12, 2003

Game 63 - Mets

Mets 8, Rangers 2
Record: 28-35

Jae Seo! With Tom Glavine out indefinitely now, and with Al Leiter . . . doing what he did last weekend, Jae Seo has come up huge in the rotation of late. Keeping the dangerous Texas bats quiet all night can't be understated. Cliff "Man Among Boys" Floyd added a dinger and 5 RBI while clearly playing hurt (still). Robby Alomar got plunked in the arm, left the game, and is day-to-day. Rey Sanchez is on the DL, Glavine probably should be, and Astacio is done for the year. Piazza and Vaughn are distant memories. Back from the DL (for now) are Timo Perez, Mike Stanton, and Jay Bell. And there Clifford Floyd is, hobbling out his home runs and doubles, making plays in the outfield.

The Mets continue to limp along at the .440 winning percentage. This does not bode well for my wager. On the plus side, the Mets are three games better than their expected record. This is according to Bill James and Pythagoras -- apparently they got together over a few beers one night and theorized that you can be expected to win a certain number of games based on how many runs you've scored and allowed. (Bill James is now working for the Red Sox; I think I heard that Pythagoras is in the front office for the Pirates.) So the Mets are overachievers! Of course, the Cincinnati Reds have an expected winning percentage lower than the Mets and they're .500. What does it all mean? It means the Mets still suck, but not as bad as they could suck. Excellent.

Oh, and Tony Clark hit another home run last night.

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