Saturday, May 05, 2007

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Update: A-Rod Versus the Nats

You've all (one of you has) been clamoring for an update on the bold prediction Rob made in the season's second week:
It says here that A-Rod will finish the 2007 season with more homers than the Nationals collect wins. And there’s a chance that it won’t really be close.
Well, after fast starts for each competitor, there's been a flattening out to the norm of late. I mean, hell, A-Rod wasn't going to hit 150 homers, and hell, the Nationals weren't going to win 60 games. The current standings:

Alex Rodriguez Home Runs: 14
Washington Nationals Wins: 9

A-Rod is still hitting well (in part because when you're down six runs, you get strikes thrown to you), just not for power. He collected his first RBI in nine games last night after simply killing it for three weeks.

Meanwhile, the Nots are . . . not so good, Al. Most teams have giveaways that include bobbleheads and inflatable bats; the Nats give away leads, wins, and all sense of confidence every other night. This race could get interesting. Stay tuned.

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Whitney said...

A few hours after this writing, the Nats walked home three runs in an inning. They even walked the opposing pitcher with the bases full. They lost, 5-3.