Friday, May 18, 2007

Milli Vanilli

Another soggy day in Boston means another twin bill tomorrow. Devern Hansack gets the ball in the early game, with Matsuzaka taking his turn in the evening.

Interesting juxtaposition over the next 3 days, as Whit and I get to root more fervently than usual for our counterpart's squad as they go head to head with our respective nemeses (nemesii?). Lemme be the first to say, Let's Go Mets!

With Hansack going tomorrow and Kason Gabbard pitching Sunday, I gotta believe the Mets have a better chance against the Pinstripes than the Sox do against the Braves. Sorry, pal - we'll do our best.


rob said...

whit: you gotta see this...

Whitney said...

Ridiculous. But I'm not sure it even did him justice.