Thursday, May 03, 2007

Kings of Leon

Game 26 - Red Sox

Red Sox 6, A's 4
Record: 17-9

Didn't get to see Ebby Calvin run his record to 6-0 because I was playing (some really, really lousy) softball, so not much pithy output from this corner of MLC today. I've got a better excuse than my compadre, though, who forgot that the Mets were playing a day game. Dedication, thy name is...somebody other than me and Whitney.

Since I've got nothing to offer on the Sox front, let me tell you about this nasty, weeping strawberry I've got on my left hip, courtesy of an ill-advised (though well executed - call me the Small Fundamental) slide into third base. It's now soaking through my pants while I sit at my desk here at Inatech. I've had more comfortable mornings. Enjoy!

Matsuzaka against the M's tonight in a makeup game. Thank God the Sox won't have to face Felix Hernandez again.

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