Friday, May 18, 2007

Shonen Knife

Games 39 & 40 - Red Sox

Red Sox 2, Tigers 1
Red Sox 4, Tigers 2
Record: 28-12

Apologies for the quick and dirty post - clearing the decks here for the weekend, and I am quite certain that the rest of my day will be a clusterfuck.

Hideki Okajima hasn't allowed a run in 19 appearances. His ERA is lower than the legendary Doug Nelson's freshman GPA. One of us will regale you with the Legend of Nelson at a later date.

Eric Hinske had a bizarro superhero game in the second of yesterday's games, flopping around in the outfield like a stoned frisbee dog for a few innings, then making a spectacular diving catch before hitting a 2-run blast to give the Sox their winning margin.

Alex Cora's game-tying hit in that second game embodied the Sox season to date, as his cue shot squibdink never even reached the infield dirt but plated a run. They simply keep winning.

Josh Beckett's on the 15-day DL, and J.D. Drew's banged up, as well. First real adversity for the Sox - we'll see how they handle it with 3 against Atlanta and 3 against the Yankees over the next week. (Added at 12:44 - For the record, I'm cutting off any discussion of the long-term implications of the return of Beckett's finger woes with an emphatic, "LALALALALALALALA" and placing my hands over my ears.)

Oh, and Wily Mo Pena walked 3 times last night. Kiss your loved ones, as the world may soon be ending.

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