Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Charlie Rich

Game 51 - Mets

Giants 3, Mets 0
Record: 33-18

It was Milestone Wednesday at Shea Stadium, with a couple of semi-pleasant ones and one bucket of crud. Let's review:

  1. Paul LoDuca doubled to record his 1,000th hit.
  2. Guillermo Mota returned from his 50-day vacation for really good vitamin intake*, looking sharp and throwing two scoreless innings.
  3. The Mets were shut out for the first time all year.
Captain Red Ass getting a ball for his trophy case was nice enough, but Mota seeming to be in nearly mid-season form was far more gratifying. Oh, about that asterisk...

* I assume it was some form of steroids for which Mota was busted; can't seem to get official word on what exactly the substance was. Oh, and speaking of the MLB truth-cloaking office, interesting that Guillermo Mota and Roger Clemens begin their seasons within a week of each other, no?? I can stand Barry Bonds no more than the next guy and think the racism defense when it comes to his juicing accusations is a joke; that said, the baseball world's rightful resentment towards Bonds and blind eye to Clemens represent Exhibit A for a claim of discrimination.

Anyway, the chafe of the night was Milestone #3. Barry Zito remembered how to throw Uncle Charlie for a strike. The Mets, who'd had the last laugh of the '06/'07 Zito Sweepstakes until tonight let the heretofore struggling Zito make them look like Uncle Charlie at the plate. And it could be argued that the fellow in black manning home plate saw about as well as Uncle Charlie. (See paragraph 3 in the link.)

I'm enjoying Vizquel less with every barehand grounder he fields. Where, again, is Jose Mesa? I'm just asking.

Eh. Not much to like about this one, not much to say. I'm not even as prolific as this guy tonight.

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rob said...

wait. are you implying that roger clemens may have used performance enhancing drugs? i'm shocked. shocked.