Saturday, May 05, 2007

Teenage Fanclub

Game 28 - Mets

Mets 5, Diamondbacks 3
Record: 18-10

Let's all give thanks and breathe easy that we don't have to hear the tri-state media dead-horse the subject of PopcornGate, since it had no bearing on the outcome of the contest.


For those that missed it, it was Jeffrey Maier Part II, minus the impact of postseason play, and plus about 20 pounds. Some Arizona equivalent of Engelberg was pumping fistfuls of popcorn into his mouth, and when Endy Chavez went back to rob new Pat Burrell imitator Orlando Hudson of a home run (routinely - this was a fraction of the degree of difficulty on Rolen's ball), the kid shoved his paper tub o' corn into Endy's glove, sending the ball back into the field and sending Chavez sprawling to the ground. The wishes racing through my mind immediately after the play:
  1. Endy is not hurt.
  2. The umps get the call right.
  3. It doesn't impact what was a 5-1 game prior.
We'll accept two out of three. When the trainers came out and Endy grimaced while holding his ankle, the muscles tensed. Ugh. That worst-case faded and he stayed in the game, though.

Meanwhile, third base ump Gary "No Friend of Ron" Darling continued to spin his pointer, oblivious to the fan interference. 5-3, Mets, bottom 8. I'm really going to miss typing "Amburglar" if Burgos keeps channeling Armando Benitez, but he closed out the eighth and Wags shut the door. No damage.

And so instead of seeing some Redenbacher-fueled adolescent make the rounds on the late-night talk shows (okay, it was a pale imitation of the original play), we get to talk about the phenomenon that is Julio Franco. He hit an opposite-field pool-splashing jack in the second that set the tone and some records -- in addition to re-writing his own record for home runs and stolen bases by a septagenarian, there was also some chatter since he hit it off the decaying corpse of Randy Johnson. The bottom line is that he's made a recent turn-around this season since dropping off . . . pretty much after the Arizona series last year. Way to go. (Sir.)

Johnny Maine kept chugging along, allowing one run through six, and Jose Reyes did what he does. Whatever it is that makes everything go marvelously in the desert, by all means keep it up. Gonna need the mojo tonight, since Brandon Webb throws for AZ and Jorge Sosa gets the nod for the Mets. Why is my money still on our guys?


Itsmetsforme said...

hey you guys are back!

uh that's all i really had to say.

Whitney said...

And this time it's personal.