Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Game 45 - Red Sox

Red Sox 10, Yankees 7
Record: 28-17

At the risk of eating these words later in the season, I love these Red Sox. (Said in the manner of that douchebag in the diamond commercial who yells something similar about his wife.) When I received news of Pedro's injury, I was convinced that the Sox were on the verge of a season-killing sweep at the hands of the hated Pinstripes. Then, though, as I watched the ESPN ticker in the humble, yet noble Vienna Inn, and saw that the Sox trailed 6-5 in the 7th, I knew that they would win - I just knew it in my bones. I came home, flipped on ESPN2 to catch the ticker, and the 10-7 score just confirmed what I'd already deemed done.

The Sox posted 5 in the 7th off of Jose Contreras (delicious irony) and Brandon Lyon struck out the side in the 9th to slam the door. Bruce Chen fared pretty well in his spot start, shaking off a leadoff homer by Alfonso Soriano and a mistake by Jason Varitek to give the Sox a chance. He actually outpitched the Yanks' heralded Jeff Weaver. Nomar hit safely in his 21st straight game, Bill Mueller continued to rake, David Ortiz had a big hit - hell, everyone but Ramiro Mendoza did their part. I'm starting to believe the urban legend that Mendoza is secretly still on the Yankees' payroll, frankly. He's but a small blight on this feelgood win, though.

Mercenary fat bastard Roger Clemens goes tonight, and I will not be upset with a Sox loss. They've proven in this series that they can pummel the Yankee bullpen, they've proven that they will not give up under any circumstances, and they look right now like a better overall team than the Yankees. That may change, as injuries and the Yankee pocketbook take their toll, but my view from the cheap seats right now is a highly positive one.

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