Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Game 44 - Red Sox

New York Yankees 7, Red Sox 3
Record: 27-17

Really wish I had more time to deal with this game, but the day is going away quickly and I don't see any free time in my future. This game looks bad on paper, and there's no question that it sucks to lose to the Yankees, but I am not terribly upset about this game. Casey Fossum showed a ton a balls and mental toughness after giving up 5 runs in the first inning on, really, only one solid hit. Fossum stayed in the game, retiring 16 of his final 18 batters after the early implosion, which was a function of bloops, bleeders, bad defense, and bad managing. The Sox left a ton of runners on base, with only 3 runs on 12 hits. Bad luck, bad clutch hitting, and a good Yankee offense were the culprits in this game, but there was lots of reason for optimism. Pedro tonight. Game on.

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