Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Game 39 - Mets

Rockies 9, Mets 8
Record: 17-22

I have no energy to blast the Mets for blowing an 8-1 lead in Denver. This team sucks the energy right out of you. In fact, let me shorten that last sentence to conserve energy: This team sucks. Art Howe, who once upon a time had my enthusiasm as the manager, protected the big lead with pitchers Pat "My Presence Here Is" Strange, Jason "My Favorite Part of the Plate Is the" Middlebrook, and Jaime "Thank You" Cerda "May I Have Another?", which was vaguely reminiscent of when the Stooges had to protect that princess in the castle. I know, probably a bit harsh, and the bullpen is tired thanks to the rotation's inability to go deep into a game, but these three young, unproven arms blew the lead and looked like they didn't belong out there. You can't blame the thin air, as it was predominantly singles and doubles. There were a few shaky defensive plays, including the game-winning run scoring on a wild pitch (Piazza's glove was turned the wrong way) just as the Rockies announcer was finishing a prediction/request for an off-speed pitch that'd get by the catcher. (Yeah, it was weird, and not in the fun way.) But mainly it was the crappy young pitching. On the plus side: this year is done, but we have this young "talent" to look forward to in years to come!

I head to NYC tomorrow, so while my recaps will be MIA until Sunday or Monday, I get to watch this wretched misery in the company of fellow fans. And you know what they say about misery . . .

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