Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Game 33 - Red Sox

Red Sox 7, Royals 3
Record: 21-12

Ca-sey Foss-um, clap clap clapclapclap. Repeat until you annoy your coworkers.

The wiry lefty pitched 6 2/3 innings of really solid ball last night before tiring and giving up a couple in the 7th. Yet another promising start for young Casey. Doug Mirabelli backed him up with a 4-for-4 night at the plate, which, in combination with the Tigers note below, certainly foretells some sort of doom. Timlin and Wakefield (!) cleaned up for the win.

Tim Wakefield may be the most underrated pitcher in all of baseball. He puts up solid numbers every year, with an occasional great year (see, 2002) mixed in for flavor. He can throw a million innings, and doesn't complain about how the Sox use him, unless they decide he's best utilized as a mop-up man. And I can't really blame him for that. He's now 4th on the Sox all-time list for appearances, and shows no signs of slowing down. He's a bullpen-saver, a team player, and, by the way, a pretty damn effective pitcher. I hope he's with the team for the next 10 years (and that's not a stretch for a well-conditioned knuckleballer).

Afternoon game today, with John "Cover Your Eyes" Burkett on the hill against the Royals. Burkett isn't a bad pitcher, but it's sooo hard to watch him on the mound. He always gets into jams, he works brutally slowly, and his nibbling style is like death by paper cuts. And, we're playing him in fantasy baseball this week. Here's hoping for a 12-9 Sox win.

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