Monday, April 21, 2003

Random New Semi-Regular Feature

I know the Detroit Tigers have been bad, but I didn't know how bad until I started looking at their statistics. Through 17 games, all but 1 of them losses, the Tigers are batting .180 with 5 homers and 31 RBI (34 runs scored, all told). Their OPS is .492. Point four nine two!!! They are dead last in the majors in batting average, OPS, runs scored (the next lowest total is 64!), hits, doubles, homers, and (obviously) RBI. Their leading hitter among regulars, SS Ramon Santiago, is batting .255, and only two other regulars are batting over .200 (the wildly overrated Bobby Higginson at .238 and Carlos Pena at .204.)

They can't stay this bad all season, can they? I mean, really, can they? We'll track their progress in this space:

Current Record: 1-16
Winning Percentage: .058
Projected Wins: 10 (rounding up, compassionately)
Odds of Finishing Worse Than the '62 Mets: 50/50

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