Monday, April 21, 2003

Game 19 - Red Sox

Blue Jays 11, Red Sox 6
Record: 13-6

Blame John Burkett for this one. The Sox No. 5 starter imploded this morning, allowing 7 earned runs in 2 2/3 innings and putting the Sox in a hole even the prolific offense couldn't escape. The bats battled back to within 9-6, but a few popups and weak grounders ended the rally, and with it, the seven-game winning streak. Manny showed some signs of life, rapping 4 singles in 5 trips to the plate. Let's hope that presages a patented 6-week Manny tear, during which no ball is safe.

I'm more resigned than bitter about this one. They were bound to stumble eventually, and a seven-game run is pretty sweet. The Twins aren't making this any easier though, politely handing their genitals to the Yankees in the midst of a 9-0, 5th inning asskicking (Edit - while I've been typing this, the Yankees added 2 more. What a bunch of candy-asses, these Twins). One bright spot about the Yankee start is the Derek Jeter, aka the World's Most Overrated Athlete, has been out for the whole season. Now, when he comes back, and the Yankees come back to earth, the "Derek Jeter is a special person" crowd will have a really hard time explaining why the team played so well without him.

The Sox go on the road for three against the Rangers. Texas can hit like crazy, but their pitching staff is brutal. Pedro faces Chan Ho Park tomorrow - the same Chan Ho Park that asked out of the season opener because he didn't want the pressure of an opening day start. If Pedro's warrior mentality doesn't make Park run screaming from the, um...park, I'll be flabbergasted.

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