Saturday, April 05, 2003

Game 5 - Mets

Mets 3, Expos 1
Record: 3-2

Okay, I guess Opening Day was just one game for Tom Glavine. He bounced back nicely with a strong outing, and a third-inning rally led off by a Glavine single netted 3 runs, which proved to be enough. Again the bullpen came through, and Benitez closed it out. And in the "Take that, Mr. Lester" department we find another outfield assist, as this time it was Jeromy Burnitz gunning a guy at the plate. It's now a wince when the ball heads their way, downgraded from a cringe.

This was the first game of which I didn't get to watch any part, so I just had to rely on ESPNews updates. For the record, this DirecTV Extra Innings thing is fantastic. I have watched more baseball this week than I watched in a month last year. After years of being confined to watching the dreadful Orioles on HTS/Comcast Sports Net (and I would actually watch, for some reason) plus the occasional ESPN or Fox game, I now have access to nearly every game on a given day. Much to my wife's chagrin. She can't fathom why I'm tuning in to dogs like the 17-1 Marlins rout of the Bravos today, and part of me can't either, but deep down I'll always be enticed by Greg Maddux getting shellacked and Atlanta dropping to 1-4. Now if I could only explaining watching three innings of the Phils' 16-1 thrashing of the Pirates . . .

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