Thursday, April 03, 2003

Game 3 - Red Sox

Red Sox 7, Devil Rays 5
Record: 2-1

Following the progress of a baseball game via the ESPN Bottom Line ticker is a special kind of torture. Sox down, 3-0, after one inning - what the hell is wrong with Lowe? Sox up 4-3 after three - how did that happen? Sox up, 7-3, after five - sweet, coasting to victory. Sox up, 7-5, after Aubrey Huff goes deep - fingernail chomping time. Sox 7, Rays 5, Final - ahhh, release. Almost makes a guy long for the good old days, when the morning box score was the sole source of game results.

Strong effort by the bullpen (Mike Timlin and Chad Fox), who've now tossed 11 2/3 consecutive innings of scoreless ball. I wonder if the anti-committee establishment is pummeling the Colorado Rockies management this morning after their established closer, Jose Jimenez, gave up 5 runs in the ninth to lose to the Astros last night. Doubt it.

Young Casey Fossum gets the start in an afternoon game today - it has huge implications for the segment of Red Sox Nation that thinks (hopes?) that the Sox made the right choice in holding on to Fossum instead of trading him for Bartolo Colon or Kevin Millwood in the offseason. The chances of me getting much work done between 2:15 and 5:30 this afternoon are roughly the same as Don Rumsfeld admitting that he made some mistakes in developing the Iraq war plan.

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