Monday, August 25, 2008

The Visitor

Game 130 - Red Sox

Red Sox 6, Blue Jays 5 (11)
Record: 75-55

Pretty stirring victory for the Sox, and a much-needed one as the summer draws to a close and the games take on more import. You could've received long odds on the prospect of a Coco Crisp/Jed Lowrie homerun exacta box, and even longer odds on Manny Delcarmen closing out a one-run game on the road, but all of those things happened in Toronto yesterday. The single-tally win ended a stretch of 16 consecutive one-run losses on the road for the Red Sox, a testament to the randomness of baseball if there ever was one. And hopefully a sign from the Baseball Gods (or at least the Baseball Poets) that the good guys may be in line for a few bounces over the next 32 games.

The Sox play three in New York starting tomorrow, marking the final regular season Boston/New York conflagrations in Yankee Stadium. (And unless something markedly changes in the next 5 weeks, the final contests of any kind between the two old rivals in the House That Ruth Built. My day's gotten well away from me, or I'd wax rhapsodic about the old ballyard, but...who am I kidding. That place is a dump, and not a quaint dump like Fenway. Just a plain 'ol dump.

Not kidding about the day getting away, though.

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