Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Certifiably Insane

Game 120 – Red Sox

Red Sox 19, Rangers 17
Record: 69-51

Let the record show that Game 120 of the Red Sox’ 2008 season was a tour de force of explosive offense, incendiary pitching, and rollercoaster emotions. In the span of nearly 4 hours, I spanned the spectrum, going from ‘it’s about time’ exhilaration to growing concern to head-shaking chagrin to possession-smashing anger to ‘this season’s fucking over’ disgust to pure, unadulterated giddy glee.

I’d have been perfectly happy to skip most of the middle stuff and just bridge the first and last emotions with a steady diet of ‘let’s get this blowout over with’ anticipation.

While a game that could easily have been the worst loss in MLC’s brief history (worst Red Sox loss, I suppose, because the Mets have had some gutpunches) ultimately turned into a highly memorable win, the Sox bullpen was once again brutally exposed. Let’s get to honest here, kids – this team can’t make the playoffs, let alone contend for another title with Manny Delcarmen getting meaningful high-leverage innings. Not the 2008 version, anyway.

Sober thoughts for another day, I suppose. For now, I’ll revel in Dustin Pedroia’s 5-hit primal scream, Papi’s 2HR/6RBI first inning, and Kevin Youkilis’ bizarre 2K, 2 error, 2HR trifecta.

Baseball, man. It’s fucking awesome. Today, anyway.

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