Friday, August 22, 2008

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Game 126 - Phillies

Nats 4, Phils 3
Record 68 wins, 59 losses - 2nd place, 2.5 games behind NYM

From Todd Zolecki, Phillies beat writer in today's Philadelphia Inquirer:

Is a slump a slump if it lasts 10 weeks?
Or is it time to accept that this is just who the Phillies are?

No question in my mind and certainly of no surprise to the losers who read my worthless, inane meanderings - I believe it's definitely time to accept it. The Phillies are akin to an octogenarian Floridian (the kind that voted for Buchanan instead of Gore) puttering along on A1A going about 13mph in the left lane with his right turn signal blinking for the last 4 miles.

Since the season reached its zenith on June 13 with the overkill drubbing of the Cardinals by a count of 20 to 2 elevating their record to 13 games above .500, the Phils have gone 27 and 31.

I am just waiting for this club to crash into the municipal street sweeper.


rob said...

sweet fancy moses, nick. format much?

Nick said...

I'm at a loss. During editing, it looks fine. Once I go to preview, it explodes. Since I usually post at work and don't have a lot of time for working out the kinks, I give up and simply publish the load of shit as is. (I doubt I could ever figure it out anyway.)

Subconsciously, I want you to think there is more to the post than there really is I suppose.

But heh, at least I try to keep up with you...

The Phan said...

The Phillies finally got some offense going these last few games. Hopefully they can keep it up.