Friday, August 15, 2008

Death of a Salesman

Games 121 & 122 – Red Sox

Red Sox 8, Rangers 4
Red Sox 10, Rangers 0
Record: 71-51

A play in one act.

Glass half-empty guy: Three times in three nights the Sox took leads of 8-0 or greater against the Rangers, and twice in three nights, the Sox still had to get Jonathan Papelbon up in the 9th inning.

Glass half-full guy: Holy crap, dude! The Sox just scored 37 runs in 3 games with starting pitchers throwing 14 scoreless innings to start the last two. Papi! Pedroia! Youks! With this offense, who needs a bullpen?

Glass half-empty guy: But the Rays keep winning, and the Rangers’ pitching staff is the stuff of epic tragedies. Like Ol’ Yeller.

Glass half-full guy: But the Yankees keep losing, and the Sox just shut out the league’s best offense. Matsuzaka and his incredible disappearing baserunner trick keep on keeping on – to the tune of a 14-2 record, 2.74 ERA, and 103 Ks in 121 innings. Jon Lester’s become a legitimate major league ace. And we haven’t even seen the best of Josh Beckett yet.

Glass half-empty guy: Toronto’s coming to town, and those guys own us.

Glass half-full guy: We used to own the Angels, and look how fast that changed. Who says we can’t do the same thing to the Jays?

Glass half-full guy: Halladay!

Glass half-full guy: Madonna is awesome, isn’t she.

And...cut. Me off.

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