Friday, July 25, 2008

Sea Smoke and Low Tide

Game 103 - Red Sox

Red Sox 6, Mariners 3 (12)

Record: 60-43

I'm passing through the belly of the beast today, stopping in Central New Jersey this evening on my way to the Promised Land of Cape Cod for a week amongst my fellow travelers in the epicenter of Red Sox Nation. As TJ points out elsewhere, it seems the Sox and Yankees begin a series in Fenway this evening. And as I pointed out to him, I'm a bit concerned with the Sox on a number of levels.

Fortunately for me, the salty seaside air and tidal flats of Brewster, MA are nearly the equal of a long weekend in Nags Head, NC for completely dissolving any iota of concern for the day to day grind - baseball, work, or other. And if you're thinking that it sure seems like I've been using a lot of vacation days lately, take a number, pal.

And even while I'm on vacation, I'll still probably churn out more posts than TJ and Whitney, combined.


Nick said...

A mighty feat, that.

TJ said...