Thursday, July 24, 2008


Game 102 - Phillies

Mets 3, Phils 1

Record: 54 - 48 - 2nd place (for at least 28 hours or so) 1 game behind NYM

I got nothin'.

Really, I don't.

You can keep on reading but all I'm gonna do is prattle on about how I got nothin'.

Actually, I just contradicted myself. I cannot very well prattle on if I got nothin', can I? Well then, I will borrow someone else's material then.

If you are still reading, you deserve this (credit goes to the Montgomery County, MD Dept. of Environmental Protection):

Composting is a simple, natural, and nearly effortless method for “recycling” yard trimmings, such as leaves and grass, into a wonderful soil conditioner for lawns and gardens. It is also an excellent way to improve poor soils while protecting the environment from synthetic fertilizers and chemicals. Learn more about composting by visiting Getting Started: Composting Basics.

Composting Myths [pdf]It is a tribute to composting that humans have taken such a simple, natural process and elevated it through myth and misunderstanding into a form of new age alchemy. The spread of these myths has been facilitated by word of mouth, misguided publications from solid waste managers, and, worst of all, hardcore marketing. In order to keep composting simple and inexpensive,let's put to rest some of the more popular myths.
Composting With Pallets [pdf]Wooden shipping pallets are easily recycled into large, heavy-duty compost bins. Pallets are available for free from many area businesses, assemble in minutes, and can help you can produce rich humus mulch and compost year after year. Here's how!
DEP’s Composting ProgramLearn all about one of America's most famous and successful home composting education programs: from grassroots Grasscycling to Worms in the Classroom!
DEP's VermiLab ProgramVermiLab is a national award-winning program teaching students (and adults) about composting with redworms, soil ecology, and organic recycling.
Easy CompostingComposting is a simple, natural process. There is no need to purchase special activators or fertilizers to make the materials in your composter break down. This document contains basic strategies for making compost "happen."
Getting Started: Composting Basics [pdf]Putting Your Soil to the Test [pdf] Healthy soil is the single most important ingredient for successful lawns, yards, and gardens. Unfortunately, it is the one element generally overlooked by homeowners as they head into their neighborhood garden center, hell-bent on beating some pest or jazzing up the green in their grass. The simple fact is that healthy soil produces healthy plants. Period. Anything done to improve the yard or garden which does not consider the needs of the soil is a waste of time — and potentially damaging both to the soil and to the community of plants it supports.
Worm Composting [pdf]In schools, offices, and homes around the country, people are learning to recycle food scraps like apple cores, banana peels, and coffee grounds into a valuable /garden fertilizer using worms.


rob said...

now that's funny.

meanwhile, teejay insists on not fucking with a streak, which is either admirable or seriously lazy. or all of the above.

Whitney said...

TJ's not going to like what we post as Yankees content in his stead.

Nick, your post reminds me of Danny Heep.

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