Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Running Down a Dream

Game 90 - Phillies

Mess 10, Phils 9

Record: 48 wins, 42 losses

Muck the Fets!

What do you want? Something a little more erudite? Sorry. Ain't gonna happen.

Once again, this team (Phils, of course) cannot get into overdrive. I am tired of finding something positive from another lost series. Fact is, we lost 3 of 4 at home to a club that is going nowhere this year. 2 and 2 with losses to Maine and Johan I can rationalize. 1 and 3 with the lone victory on the night Johann pitched? Sorry, I am perplexed.

Just before the All Star break it is clear to me that the NL is pretty mediocre top to bottom and still there is no way anyone from the NL East is going to make any waves past the NLDS. Maybe the NL should revamp the pennant chase this year. Let's set up a round robin playoff with the Cubs, Cards and the reloaded Brewers. Call it BratFest '09 and have some fun!

If any of you peckers tries to tell me to hold on or mutters something about the season being a marathon, I swear I'll....

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rob said...

peckers. nice. that's an underused term of derision.