Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Reversal of Fortune

The heady times in Bean Town were the focus of a recent article (11/25) from a Philly sportswriter. Its quite amusing to me at least.

The philly.com site no longer has the video blog from the writer on the same subject. He was bantering with a fellow writer and the line that was particularly humorous was something like this:

"Boston's new found success is similar to your older brother suddenly dating
a super model and driving a Ferrari."

How true. Boston, we hardly knew ye!


Whitney said...

Philly stands alone in this epic futility now. Although . . . the nation's capital, while historically a little better off only because of the Redskins of yesteryear, is making a push. Our comrade Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn sent me a text after taking in a Terps football game a few weeks ago:

"Skins suck
Caps suck
Wiz suck
Nats suck
Terps suck

I'm about to start rooting for NASCAR."

And while he overlooked Georgetown, his point is valid. It's a great big metro area of suckitude.

rob said...

i should mention for the sake of not getting completely written off as an arrogant asshat that i'm not a patriots or celtics fan. just the sox, which is probably enough. the boston sports fan's cup, she runneth over.

Nick said...


Do you suppose Ricky V's rants would have been worded any differently if he used a medium that allowed for an expanded, more colorful description of the DC area teams' woes?

Neither do I.

Whitney said...

I'm not sure Rick knows how to type any other words.

Itsmetsforme said...

rob haw can uu dis the celts? they wicked pisser awesome and they deserve it after so many not so proud years. manlove for kg is nothing to be ashamed of.

and i can't get bent out of shape about the pats, a well run franchise ever since they stole the raiders mojo in the snow.

we metfans know a well run franchise when we see it; the contrast to our own is blinding.

rob said...

not really dissing the celts - just ambivalent about the nba in general.