Friday, November 30, 2007

Trading Places

Well, today the New York Mets made the off-season blockbuster trade to put the final piece in the Wold Champion jigsaw puzzle.

Scratch that. They just traded away Lastings Milledge for Ryan Church, Brian Schneider, and a rosin bag.

At least it's a nice rosin bag.

As with any trade, there's the gut reaction, the three-days later feeling, the three months later outlook, and the official verdict a season or several later. Gut reaction is mostly indigestion amid the Township. Here's hoping for some antacid corollary trades or subsequent information that eases the rumbling down in the belly.

Lastings Milledge had almost a Kazmirian fall from hot prospect to doghouse-dweller. Nothing but youthful indiscretions, a little worse than turning up some bad music in the clubhouse but no worse than a sassy strut or two, an obscene rap album, and some surly comments here and there. Not a reason to send him packing for two overachieving yet underwhelming Nats. 'Stings may be quite the appropriate nickname if he develops into a marquee player.

For those who weren't with us in 2004, here's an MLC recap of some of the more significant trades in Met history. We'll see where this one ends up, but the early sentiments don't bode well.


Itsmetsforme said...

i have one informational question--just how can a yanker fan be "miserable"? Non-yankit fans know, but it would seem to take an amount of self-reflection beyond most spankee fans i have met.

welcome tj.

i am crabby.

J said...

My ten month old has a Board Book called Mets 101 (Epstein, Brad M. Michaelson Entertainment, ISBN-13:978-1-932530-85-8).

Mets 101 is of course, for innocent babies and toddlers and as such, nowhere does it mention bad trades, late season collapses and other such miseries.

It's all about the positives of being a Mets fan. Therefore Mets 101 is about 15-20 pages long with about one word per page.

I'm concerned I might be giving my little one a distorted view of reality. Maybe you would be open to starting a Nextyear Kids site?

Itsmetsforme said...

damn! you won me over. by confusing me. that was too easy.

TJ said...

Before you ever see the quality of my work at this stellar site you might want to jump over to Gheorghe and brace yourself for my super gud riting.

MLC lite on the YouTubes? Got you covered.

MLC just dying for a breakdown of the 2008 Yankee season as it relates to characters in True Romance? Done.

rob said...

i will stipulate to itsmetsforme that no yankee or red sox fan can claim the cloak of misery (the veil of arrogance, perhaps), which is why we needed to import the phillies' perspective. teejay and i are now the company, as odd as that may seem to me looking back on when we started this little project.

Jerry said...

3 day view. Still terrible. Asinine. Foolish. Wasteful.

Hopefully Church likes country music so Wagner can be happy.

Itsmetsforme said...

do the new guys know the rule that all MLC bloggers are to visit my blog regularly and post not less than 2 "pity comments" per fiscal year?

Whitney said...

I thought the rule was "pithy comments"? My mistake.

Itsmetsforme said...

pithy, paltry or pity, everyone gets lonely sometimes.

meanwhile...Santa for Jon Lester, Coco Crisp and two other minor leaguers????!!!