Monday, December 17, 2007

Children of a Lesser God

At the risk of being a noisy gong redundantly posting yet again about the Phils' miserable history being compounded by their remarkable forgetableness, I go to the well one more time.

This thought came to me when I read in an ESPN hyperlink that the Phils are interested in Mike Cameron. Whit will recall that a few years ago, I was enamored with Mr. Cameron and would make outrageous trade proposals based on my covetousness of the superb center fielder. Well, it's obvious I no longer like Mike. I can't imagine why anyone would at this point in his career. So when I read the aforementioned snippet, my reaction was a Seinfeldian matter-of-fact quote "I tell ya, I don't see it."

It's so very obvious that GM "Stand" Pat Gillick was calling Aaron Rowand's bluff by suggesting the Phils were prepared to lose him because the cupboard was still plenty full with the much maligned Pat the Bat, the diminutive Shane Victorino and the 21st century reincarnation of Von Hayes - Jason Werth. Admittedly, I am happy Rowand was able to find a club not in South Philly or the NL East willing to take on 5 years (good luck with all that) and certainly I am happy that the Phils didn't cave in as well. However, that does not mean that a.) we are fine without a replacement or b.) that we could benefit from the services of a 34 year old, diminishing skills center fielder who, oh by the way, won't be of much use until May due his involvement in the drug trade. (Sheesh, he's got to be embarrassed, eh? Aren't 'roids supposed to make you superman?)

All this gets me to thinking, why oh why do my Phils either acquire a former superstar long past his sell by date or the lesser talent of baseball playing brothers?

Over the Hill Category
Dale Murphy
Lance Parrish
Jamie Moyer
Tony Perez
Joe Morgan
Jerry Koosman
Andy Van Slyke
Sparky Lyle
Tommy Herr

Other Brother Category*
Ken Brett
Mike Maddux
Jeremy Giambi
Vince DiMaggio (technically the other, other brother)

*In fairness, we did manage to get the better of the two Iorg bros. - Dane - who though marginally, was better than Garth.

Misery is sometimes self imposed, I know.


rob said...

"21st century reincarnation of von hayes" - that's not a compliment, right?

Nick said...

One of those dudes that exudes cool. Looks like he should be an uber player but his performance on the diamond is remarkable in its ordinariness. Think Travis Lee or even Will Clark to a lesser degree.

Somehow, they just never play as well as they should.

Whitney said...

Ah, you mean like a Gregg Jefferies. The guy was such a phenom that he made the Top 10 in Rookie of the Year voting not once but twice in a row. And then he cruised to a seemingly perpetual .287/11/65 career.

Did you know? Gregg Jefferies' name is Gregory -- the extra "g" is for "Gee, he should really be better than that."

rob said...

sure, j.t. snow

Nick said...


The mid-90s Phils actually acquired Gregg Jefferies and just to placate him, went out and acquired his buddy Todd Ziele a year later because you know, when you have a player talented enought to play 1B and LF while hitting about 12 home runs a year, you need to keep him happy.

Msrs. Jefferies and Ziele led the Phils to a red hot 67 victories that year.

Give me the Dude (aka Nails up Flushing way)on 'roids anyday over the pretty boys.

rob said...

i'm gonna start going by 'robb'. the extra 'b' will make me seem taller.