Thursday, December 13, 2007

Analyze This

Nick poses a good question in the comments section of yesterday's post: Why would I be upset if Papi were fingered by the Mitchell Report?

I don't have a great answer; or, better said, I don't have a terribly cogent answer. Maybe it's because Papi's infectious good humor transcends the business of the game and reminds me that it was once and maybe still can be fun. Maybe it's because the out-of-my-seat thrill provided when his lumpy body uncoils on a fastball middle-in and vaporizes it over the bullpens in Fenway tops my list of sports-induced joyful moments. Maybe it's because he seems deeply in touch with his inner goofball. Maybe it's because, of all the players in the major leagues, Papi's the one who makes me look at the game through child's eyes, and if he gets tarnished by the PED scandal, I'd lose the dwindling but still surviving sense of wonderment and pure joy I still have for sports.

Really, Nick, I think it's because I don't want to grow up. And seeing Papi, of all players, implicated this afternoon will mean in some small but meaningful way that I have to do that.


TJ said...

Well, you have your Papi, I would say Jeter for me...Nick, you? Whit?

Nick said...

Well, I guess I lost my innoncence when Mike Schmidt admitted on HBO Real Sports with Bryant Goofball that if he played today, he'd probably use steroids as well.

When an oldtimer is honest enough to admit that, it really complicates the matter as a good vs. evil thing.

Plus, I knew during Philly's lone championship season that several players were habitual users of amphetamines which I suppose pales in comparison to HGH but still, the same element is at the root of it all - players will push the limits either because of pride or money or both.

I honestly am not worked about the 'roids thing at all. This too shall pass and players will be judged across generations based on how they dominated their era.

Whitney said...

Well put, all. I think I share Rob's disappointment beyond the practical notion that it's not an unforgivable sin and that way too many of our "heroes" probably did.

Piazza's the guy I worry about most. Would really like to believe he was above it, but at this point, Cal Ripken's is the only name that'd shock me to see.

Itsmetsforme said...

Finally we got something on Roidger--that is to my mind the single biggest thing to come out of this and the most gratifying depending who you are.

Phew no Piazza.

personally i think the papi ommision is the most compelling evidence of Mitchell bias--of course the info was all NY based so there might be more shoes to drop. Outside of Gagne, is there a more obvious come from nowhere candidate for roidsies than Pappi? Sorry but its true.

Otherwise than the sheer tragedy, I'd say this stuff is comedy gold. The best line i have come up with so far?

"At least John Rocker is finally getting some positive press."

I know I know, but my writers are on strike.