Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Color of Money

After the blockbuster Tigers/Marlins deal completely clears the decks in Florida, the Fish are left with a major league roster with a payroll of somewhere just north of $9 million.

Payroll floor, anyone? The Red Sox roster gets paid that much every 10 games. Alex Rodriguez will make that much by the end of May.





Whitney said...

Most of baseball's morons, when they began to read Bob Costas's Fair Ball, saw his plea for a salary cap and burned the book. What they failed to pay attention to was his equal plea for a payroll minimum, the floor you speak of. It's just as integral a piece, and you should blame the Marlins no more or no less, just about the same, as you do the Yankees and Red Sox for mucking things up by taking advantage of the system.

Itsmetsforme said...

so blame Costas, you're sayin? done, done and done.

rob said...

itsmetsforme appears to have some time on his (her?) hands of late. i, for one, welcome our new blue and orange overlord.

Itsmetsforme said...

i'm just energized by the exciting acquisition of a catcher who can't hit much better than me--makes me feel part of the club.
And the spirits have told me that if mankind is to survive, i must advise misery loves company each step of the way on their path to glory. Well I couldn't make out exactly what the spirits were saying, but the "Three's company" fan bloggers don't humor me as much as you guys do.

Whitney said...

And so you come and knock on our door . . .