Sunday, May 14, 2006


Game 35 - Red Sox

Rangers 6, Red Sox 0 (5 1/2)
Record: 21-14

Biblical rains in Boston this weekend mean an All-Star style break for the Sox, and a whole lotta channel surfing for me. Saw some Mets action, but nothing that Whitney's gonna want to hear me repeat. Caught a little bit of NCAA Lacrosse tourney action - always forget what a great game lax is to watch. Some NBA playoffs, including the end of the Spurs/Mavs game last night, which is the most pro hoops I've seen in years. Even a smidge of LPGA golf, but only because it was televised from my old "home course" in Williamsburg.

A lot of crap, indeed, but no Red Sox, except for Friday's pre-destined loss. As my Calvinist ancestors would be quick to note, some things are gonna be what they're gonna be, and the Sox losing the first game of the Ranger series right on the heels of a 3 games in New York was simply gonna be.

I start a new job on Tuesday, so the blogging may be light - though no lighter than Whit's output from the past several days. A rested Sox roster takes on the Orioles in Baltimore this week, so let's hope that Noah and the boys move out to sea and spare the Nation a few ballgames.

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