Thursday, May 18, 2006

All Apologies

Games 36 through 38 - Red Sox

Red Sox 11, Orioles 1
Red Sox 6, Orioles 5
Orioles 4, Red Sox 3
Record: 23-15

The title of this post refers to my recent efforts in this space, and to my take on what Willie Harris' post-game must've been like last night. I'll note for the record that my performance isn't likely to get better any time soon, and I'll note for Mr. Harris' sake that his sure as hell better.

Though the law of averages dictated that the Sox would eventually lose to the Orioles at some point after 13 straight wins, there's nothing written in that law that requires capitulation. Harris' inexplicable decision to try to steal 2nd with fastball-mashing Trot Nixon up against fastball-hurling Chris Ray with 2 out in the top of the 9th was about the single stupidest play of the Sox' season. That he did it in direct contravention of Terry Francona's orders means that Willie should be shopping for a nice rental in northern Rhode Island, if he's lucky enough to avoid outright waivers.

We've reached the "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" portion of the schedule, with the Mets lined up against the Yankees this weekend while the Sox take on the Phillies. Time for Whitney's boys to take the next logical step on their road to the league's elite by whipping their cross-town brethren. If the Mets will be so kind as to take at least 2 of 3 from the Yanks, I guarantee the Sox will return the favor. Me and Rasheed, baby, mark it down.

And in the absence of any material or a brain agile and rested enough to conjure it up, I'll leave my colleague with that little nugget.

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