Thursday, May 11, 2006

Do It Again

Game 33 - Mets

Mets 13, Phillies 4
Record: 22-11

What with the aforementioned softball, bar, and XM-less trip home, I was unable to catch much of the game -- just a couple of garbage time innings on the FAN on the way home. The Phillies hand-wrapped a gift of a game for the Mets, and I wasn't able to see the exchange. It would've been a shame if I weren't otherwise occupied with an enjoyable evening.

I won't waste your time with any further analysis, except to say that this rubber match tonight feels like a big game. After Tuesday night's groaner and last night's laugher, it'd be nice to see a stunner in the series finale. Steve Trachsel could do a lot for the emotional state of the Township, making us feel a whole lot better about the rotation's stability with one of his workmanlike quality starts tonight. The bats need to stay relatively hot, and hey, maybe even take avatnage of playing in a softball park.

Oh, and if the Phils feel like throwing the ball all over the place again tonight, let's go ahead and allow them. Show me last night's game replayed tonight.

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