Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Games 41 through 43 - Red Sox

Phillies 10, Red Sox 5
Red Sox 9, Yankees 5
Yankees 7, Red Sox 5
Record: 26-17

And by loser, I mean me. I've got 5 minutes before I need to leave to play softball, and I have no realistic expectation that I'll be anywhere near this blog in the next few days, so I'm at least gonna ensure that I don't go 6 games without commenting on something.

I also mean Alex Rodriguez, in the sense that he's such a predictable stat-monger right now. As he came to the plate on Monday with a runner on and the Yankees down, 9-1, I said to my mother, "He's going deep here - no pressure." Boom goes the dynamite. Apparently the New York media crushed him for the same perceived flaw after the game. He did redeem himself last night, driving in the eventual winning runs on a ball he thought he popped to short.

I've been watching the games, and reading Whitney's commentary, but my new job has been kiiiillllling me in terms of getting here to say anything. Apologies to our many fans, and much appreciation for my colleague, who's been at the top of his form this year - much like his team. Me, eh. Get used to it.

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