Saturday, July 31, 2004

They Shoot Shortstops, Don't They?

Nomar's gone. All that's left to figure out is whether the Sox made a bad trade or a horrific one. Most major outlets are reporting that the Sox sent Nomar (to the Cubs) and minor league outfielder Matt Murton out and got back Expos SS Orlando Cabrera and Twins 1B Doug Mientkiewicz. If that's it, I can't fathom any plausible positive spin on this deal. It stinks and it sucks and it stinks. Losing Nomar may well have been inevitable. Losing him for dreck like Cabrera (career .730 OPS) and Mientkalphabet, well, I'm not calm enough right now to put that in words. So, for now, I'm holding out hope that the other shoe has yet to drop, and that Matt Clement is on his way to Boston. Because if he's not, the 2004 Sox aren't going to make the playoffs, let alone win a World Series.

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